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Cosprei is the young princess and healer of Synafta.


A small and intensely serious young girl, Cosprei has the capability to heal the wounded through a divine gift from the gods. Her long reddish hair flows behind her and she constantly wears priestess robes that are far too large for her. She spends much of her time in town caring for the sick and wounded.

No one save the King and a few of the Royal Family - not even Darling - know that Cosprei is the princess of Synafta, and this little tyrant is very adamant on keeping her low profile. She is so intense that everyone knows to steer clear of her as she viciously stares down those who irritate her, forcing them to give in to her not so obvious demands. Perhaps it is out of jealousy or the knowledge that Darling is far more carefree than she is, Cosprei harbors no love for her fellow healer, instead giving her only angry glares and short responses. Extremely dedicated to her cause, Cosprei can be seen breaking down for days if through her own actions she is unable to save someone in need.

Cosprei also absolutely despises the Apothecary, finding him disgusting and refuses to speak to him.